Grade Center Tips: Columns & Student View

It’s that time of the semester when you may be wondering how to iron out those Grade Center wrinkles. We’ve prepared a few quick videos discussing some of the most common features and questions.

  1. Manual Columns for non-Blackboard assignments (click for video)The ability to see assignment grades and feedback is one of the top reasons why our students value Blackboard. Consider using Grade Center as a supplement to your face-to-face, hybrid, or online course.
  2. Calculated Columns in Grade Center (click for video)Why not let Blackboard take care of those tedious grade calculations? With a proper configuration, you and your students can easily see course totals, averages, and progress to the finish line.
  3. The Student View of ‘My Grades’ (click for video)Instructors often wonder what the Grade Center looks like to an individual student. This short video will introduce you to the student’s My Grades tool.

Related Info

Don’t let this confuse you! The College still requires that instructors submit final course grades via the Secure Site (BannerWeb). This system is separate from the Blackboard Grade Center, which is a tool for keeping track of assignments and student performance during the course.