Bb Course Template Change

You may notice a change in courses for future terms. The default course menu template has been modified based on years of feedback from instructors and students. Here is what you’ve seen (and said) for years:


Old Bb Course Menu with description of what's wrong.


So what? Who cares?

Many people found the naming conventions of the default content areas ambiguous. “What is the difference between Information and Content,” some instructors asked. Students didn’t know either. Different instructors use them in different ways and this translates into a lack of consistency for students. Now, it’s clearer where to place different types of content and where to find it – for both you and your students. The visual organization and structure of online course content (whether supplementary to a face-to-face course or not) goes a long way in in the learning process. And, nobody wants to hunt and peck for things. So, we’ve made a few changes:


New Bb course menu structure with explanations


Intuitive, clear course menu organization is as important to your learners as any website’s organization is to you. How long does it take to become frustrated and move on when trying to find something on a website? A matter of seconds. Your course is a website. Once you’ve built your content, take a peek at it from the student’s perspective and try to uncover any potential ambiguity. If something isn’t abundantly clear, change it.


A Note About “Course Copy”

If you use the “Course Copy” tool – and many people do – you might need to do a little extra clean-up this first time around. Here are the steps on reordering and deleting menu items. Your content will appear below the newly-named content areas and you may be tempted to delete these default content areas altogether. We recommend using them. Why? Click here.

As always, if you need advice or support, contact us!