Blackboard Journals 101

This step-by-step visual guide will show you how to setup and utilize Blackboard Journals in your online classes.


Remember! CampusPack Blogs, Journals, and Wikis are being discontinued!

If you are currently using any of the CampusPack products in your course you will need to setup new Blackboard versions of them before teaching your online courses in Fall of 2015. 


What is a Blackboard Journal?

A Blackboard Journal is section within an online course where a student can record personal reflections, observations, studies, etc. By default, journals in Blackboard are private between a student and instructor, but can be shared if the instructor wishes.


Why would I use Journals in my course?

Journals can be used to help instructors gather student reflections on coursework, assignments, internships, or any other learning activity. They can also provide students with a place to store gathered research and/or information throughout a course that is easily accessible for the professor.


How do I set up a Journal?

  • To create a journal, go to the Course Content section of one of your online courses.
  • Under the Tools menu, select Journals.


  •  On the next page, click Create New Journal.


  •  On the Create Journal page, give your journal a name and provide basic instructions for how the wiki is to be used in the given course.


  •  Scroll down on the Create Journal page, to the Journal Availability options, and make sure your journal is set to Available.
  • If desired, you can set limitations on when the journal is available to students.
  • Under the Journal Settings options you can also determine whether journal entries are indexed by week or month, whether or not students can edit their entries or delete comments, and whether the journal is private between individual students and the professor or publicly viewable to all students enrolled in the course.


  •  At the bottom of the Create Journal page, you have the option to turn on grading for the journal as well as the ability to set a due date.
  • When you have finished adjusting the settings of the course Journal, press Submit.


  •  After your Journal has been created you will be taken to this page which shows you all of the journals that have been created in the course.
  • Click Next to create a link for the new journal in your Course Content Section.


  • Your journal has been successfully created!


How do students use the Journal?

  • When first entering a new journal students and instructors will see this empty journal page.
  • New entries can be added by clicking on the Create Journal Entry button in the upper left corner.
    • *Note* When entering the Journal as an instructor you will first see your own, empty, journal. To view your student’s journals you have to select individual names from the drop down menu shown below


  • When creating a journal entry students can add text, pictures, videos, equations, and even attached additional documents.


  • Completed journal entries will look like the example below. By default, only the student who authored the post and the instructor can view or comment on a journal entry, however all students enrolled in the course can view and comment on an entry if the professor decided to make the journal publicly viewable during setup.
  • Step9



How do I grade a Journal in Blackboard?

Click the button below for more information about how to grade a Journal with Blackboard’s in-line grading tools.