Blackboard Wikis 101

This step-by-step visual guide will show you how to setup and utilize Blackboard Wikis in your online classes.


Remember! CampusPack Blogs, Journals, and Wikis are being discontinued!

If you are currently using any of the CampusPack products in your course you will need to setup new Blackboard versions of them before teaching your online courses in Fall of 2015. 


What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a series of linked Web pages collaboratively created by many authors. They are collections of information organized with one topic per page that can be viewed and edited by multiple people. Within Blackboard however, a wiki’s group of creators/readers is limited to a specific Blackboard course.


Why would I use a wiki in my course?

Wikis can be used in teaching and learning to build a glossary of terms, create a knowledge base, write a collaborative document, create a collection of clarifications or explanations, organize signups for class presentations, or show the steps for working out specific problems in a math or science course. They are extremely flexible.


How do I set up a wiki?

  • To create a wiki, go to the Course Content section of one of your online courses.
  • Under the Tools menu, select Wikis.


  •  On the next page, click Create New Wiki.


  •  On the Create Wiki page, give your wiki a name and provide basic instructions for how the wiki is to be used in the given course.


  •  Scroll down on the Create Wiki page, to the Wiki Date and Time Restrictions options, and make sure your wiki is set to Available.
  • If desired, you can set limitations on when the wiki is available to students.
  • Under the Wiki Participation options you can also determine whether or not students are allowed to edit preexisting wiki posts and whether or not students can leave comments on wiki posts.


  •  At the bottom of the Create Wiki page, you have the option to turn on grading for the wiki as well as the ability to set a due date.
  • When you have finished adjusting the settings of the course wiki, press Submit.


  •  After your Wiki has been created you will be taken to this page which shows you all of the wikis that have been created in the course.
  • Click Next to create a link for the new wiki in your Course Content Section.


  • When you first click on the link in your Course Content section to open the new wiki, you will be taken to this window to create thie first page of the wiki. This first page can contain general info, instructions, lists, and much more.
  • Once you have added your desired content, click Submit to create the page.


  • Your new, finished, wiki will look like this to both you and your students.

finished wiki


How do students use the wiki?

  • Students can create wiki pages and depending on the wiki’s settings, discussed earlier, students can also edit preexisting pages and/or leave comments on them.
  • As you and/or your students add pages to the wiki, the list of  pages along the right hand side will expand, providing easy access to the wikis various pages.




How do I grade a Wiki in Blackboard?

Click the button below for more information about how to grade a wiki with Blackboard’s in-line grading tools.