Content Delivery in Blackboard

Creating and delivering content in Blackboard is fairly straightforward, but since there are so many tools to create content, an overview can’t hurt! Before we get to the technical “how-to”s, here are a few quick tips for your online content:

  • When creating content for your course, try to use more than one format. Different formats are much more accessible to some learners than others, so by presenting information in more than one format (such as readings and a video), your students can engage with the content in a way that is comfortable for them.
  • Organizing content is critical to helping your students learn. If they struggle to find their assignments and readings in Blackboard, they will be less engaged with the content when they do find it. For more information on organizing your content, check out our post on organizing your content here.
  • Finally, remember when designing your course to always keep web design principles and accessibility in mind. For more information on these topics, I encourage you to visit the resources below:


How do I…?

For more information on any of these topics, click on the question to head to Blackboard’s technical resources.

Create a file?

Create a folder?

Create a learning module?

Create an item?

Create a blank page?

Create a web link?

Embed an image?

Embed a video file?

Embed an audio file?

Embed content from YouTube?

Link to content in another part of my course?