Embedding Multimedia in Blackboard – Mashups

With the new upgrade and Content Editor, we have a new tool that makes it easy to add multimedia from the web into your courses: Mashups. For most of us, YouTube video embedding is the best part of this new mashup tool, though there are other options including Flickr and Slideshare.

Let’s take a look at how to embed a YouTube video directly into your course, so that students can view it without leaving the page. For the purposes of this example, we’re going to embed the video into an announcement, but you can also embed mashups directly into your course content.

To begin, we’re going to create a new Announcement and click on Mashups in the Content Editor. Choose YouTube to embed a YouTube video.


location of the youtube link in the content editor

Click any of the options to begin embedding content in your course


A new window will appear with options for searching for a video to embed. If you have a particular video in mind, search for the title. It should appear near the top of the list, if the title isn’t a common phrase. Otherwise, you can search by keyword for a video that suits your needs. After entering a keyword and the language, click Go.


location of search box and preview/select buttons

Here, you can search for, preview and select any video on YouTube for your course.


When you find the video you want to take a look at, click Preview. The video will appear  on the screen and you can play it to make sure it’s what you need.  Once you’ve reviewed the video, close it using the little X icon in the upper right corner, and click Select. This will bring you to the Options page.


Location of the display options

You can choose to display your embedded content in several ways. Try them and find what’s best for you


Give the video a new title, if you’d like, and select your options. I encourage you to try different View settings to find what works for you. I personally prefer the Embed Video option, but you may find another suits your class better. By default, it chooses the Thumbnail option, which is a small icon that you and your students click on to see a popup window with the video.


appearance of the video in blackboard

Students will be able to view the video right from Blackboard, without leaving your course


Above is the video after a student clicks on the Mashup (in this case, set up to be a Thumbnail in an announcement). They have all the options of a regular YouTube video (volume, captions if available, full-screen) right from within Blackboard!

Since many instructors use videos on YouTube as supplementary materials for their students, the Mashup tool is a great way to incorporate that information right into your Blackboard course. And best of all, it takes up no storage space in your course, like uploading a video to your course would!

For more information on using Mashups or help with any of the Blackboard tools, please contact Tom or Lily.