Finally! A New Math Editor!

The new Math Editor uses LaTeX to create and display equations in Blackboard. If you’re familiar with LaTeX, you can edit your formulas directly or copy and paste formulas from a library right into Blackboard’s main content editor, but the system also has a very easy WYSIWYG (What You see Is What You Get) Math Editor so anyone can use formulas!  Even better, the new formulas created are not Java-dependent, so they will work on any computer or device. And when the images are generated, so is alt-text for the image, making them much more accessible than previously.

To access the new Math Editor, go to the Content Editor and click the Formula (Fx) button.

Location of the math editor on the Content Editor

You can access the Math Editor easily through the button on the Content Editor.

The new Math Editor appears in a new window. You have an assortment of tabs and buttons to use to build your formulas.

the appearance of the math editor

Many, many options are available to you in creating your equations.

When you complete your formula, click the Accept button at the bottom of the window. This will convert your formula to an image that students will be able to see in Blackboard.

Appearance of the equation in the text box

Once you complete your equation, the system generates an image with your equation that appears in line with your other text.

You can copy and paste, move, and add additional text around your formula, and edit it by right-clicking on it and going to Edit Equation.

This new Math Editor is a major improvement over the older one, which required plugins and wasn’t as flexible. For those instructors who use formulas regularly, the ability to write or copy formulas in LaTeX format right into the Content Editor is a great boon.

If you have any trouble with this tool, or any tool, please don’t hesitate to contact Tom or Lily for assistance or advice.