Getting Started with Blackboard for Instructors


This document refers to Blackboard. During the 2018-19 academic year, the College is transitioning to Canvas. If you are seeking Canvas resources, you are on the wrong page!

Blackboard is more than just a document repository or a place for students to view their grades – it is a fully featured (and sometimes overwhelming!) learning management system. If you’re looking for a place to start, let us guide you through the basics and get you started.

1. How can I access Blackboard?

We strongly recommend using the most recent version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access Blackboard. You can download either of these free browsers by clicking on the icons below. Other browsers, such as Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer, do not work properly with Blackboard and may cause disruptions in your work.

Click here to download Google Chrome                Click to download Mozilla Firefox

Once you have Firefox ready to go, you can proceed to logging in to Blackboard.

2. How do I log in to Blackboard?

To log into Blackboard, go to, click on the “Gateways” button in the upper right corner, and then select “LOGIN” from the drop-down menu. On the next page, a list of options will appear– Blackboard is the first one. Click the “LOGIN” button next to Blackboard to go to the page.

To login, use your Saint Rose username and password the same information you use to log into your email and the campus computers. Do not include in your username. If you need help, please contact the Helpdesk at (518) 454-2190.


3. What’s all this information when I log in? Where do I go?

2015-11-20_15-22-48Blackboard’s Home tab functions as a portal for all sorts of campus news and event information. There are three columns at the top that contain most of the updated information, including Notices, Events, and Cancelled Classes. You are encouraged you to explore the information on this page – it is updated regularly.

The Courses tab contains the links to your courses in Blackboard as well as Instructor Quick Tips and the Qwickly Module. To get to your class, click on the link with the title of your course. This will send you to your course’s home page. Every course number that is created by the Registrar’s Office and assigned to you will receive a Blackboard course shell that you may choose to use.

Take a moment to explore the links under the Instructor Quick Tips– they’re handy reminders of common tasks from semester to semester. Finally, be sure to look at the Qwickly module. This is a quick and easy way to make your course available or to send announcements or messages to one or many courses (simultaneously) without having to enter each course. As the semester starts, more options to will appear, such as items that Need Grading (as can be seen in the image).

2015-11-20_15-24-02 The Community tab is a gateway to organization sites at Saint Rose. Some Organizations you might find useful include Human Resources as well as department and committee groups. To find organizations, you can search in the Organization Search box in the upper left, or look through the Organization Catalog to locate the organization you need.


The other tabs at the top of the screen send you to various Saint Rose web sites. Please note that you’ll need to have pop-ups unblocked, as they open in a new window.

4. Okay, all of this is great, but how do I put materials in my course?

Once you click into the Courses tab, click on the course you want to add materials to. The course should look something like this.


If you want to delete or rename any of the items in your courses’ left menu to make the navigation clearer for your students, you can hover your mouse over the item and then click on the circle button next to the name. You’ll see options appear, including Rename, Delete, and Hide Link.


To start, let’s go into Information and upload the syllabus for your course. Click on Information, and then click on Build Content. A list of options will appear – choose File.


You can now upload your syllabus to the course. Click on Browse My Computer to locate and upload the file from your computer. Add a Name for the file (for example, English 100 Syllabus – Fall 2014) and you can then click Submit. This will add the file to your course.

create file steps

You can add any file to your course this way. If you intend to upload a lot of files to the course, use the Folder option under Build Content to provide organization for your students and to make the course more user-friendly. If you intent to add very large files, such as videos, please consult with us for best-practices to ensure that your students won’t run into trouble opening them.

Now that you’ve added your syllabus to the course, let’s post an announcement for the students to welcome them. This time, click on Announcements on the left course menu.


You can create an announcement from here by clicking Create Announcement. On the next screen, enter a subject and the text of your announcement. You have a few options at the bottom regarding dates and emailing the announcements, but for our first announcement, let’s keep it simple. Once you get the hang of things, you might consider using the Announcement tool in place of email, since announcements can be delivered via email but also present themselves to students in other ways.

After you’ve entered your subject and text, go ahead and click Submit. You’ve now made an announcement to your class. From here, Blackboard is your… well, blackboard.

5. How do I see my student roster?

There are a few ways to see a roster:

To see a list of names:

In the Control Panel (located in the lower left hand column of your course), click on Users and Groups. Click on Users. You will now see the list of students enrolled in your course.

To see a grid of photos with names:

In the Control Panel (located in the lower left hand column of your course), click on Course Tools, then Photo Roster. The photos can be drag and dropped around if you want to move them into a different order.

To view your student roster through BannerWeb, the College’s Secure Site portal for Banner:

  1.  Go to and choose Login to Secure Area
  2. Your user ID is the number on your St.Rose ID card,your pin is your birthday by default (mmddyy)
  3. Choose Faculty and Advisor Menu
  4. Choose Faculty Menu
  5. Choose Summary Class List
  6. Select the current semester (Spring 2012) and hit submit
  7. If you have more than one course you will have to select them one at a time using the dropdown menu – Click Submit
  8. You will now see the list of students enrolled in your course

6. How do I make my course available to my students?

By default, your students will not see your Blackboard course, or materials you place in it, until you make it available to them (or turn the course on). To make your course(s) available to students, use the Qwickly tool located on the main Courses page in Blackboard. Alternatively, follow these steps with your course:

  1. In the Control Panel (located in the lower left hand column of your course), click Customization, then Properties.
  2. Scroll to section entitled Set Availability, click Yes.
  3. Be sure to Submit (top or bottom of page).

7. Jumping off from here

The Online Learning Services office, with Information Technology Services, is available to assist you with all things “technical and tactical” whether you are teaching fully online or wish to supplement your face-to-face pedegogy. Please browse this blog, subscribe for weekly content updates, email or call us to make any appointment!

In the mean time, for supplimental information on how to use Blackboard as an educator, there are some great tool- and theory-based resources on Blackboard’s site, located here: