Group “My Courses” by Term

With the recent upgrade to Blackboard, you are now able to view your course list by term as well as to show/hide entire terms in the list. This article will explain how the “group by term” option can be used to help you keep your “My Courses” list organized with ease and efficiency. The days of scrolling through zillions of courses – all with similar titles – should be gone!

Out with the old…

Until now, instructors struggled to maintain their ever-growing list of courses. The “personalize” screen within this module would list hundreds of old courses – many of which had nearly identical names and numbers.

My Course module - old view

In with the new…

Now, you can choose to group your course list by term, and if you choose to do so it is easier than ever to hide entire groups of courses.

Click the familiar gear icon to personalize the “My Course” module:

My Courses module - gear icon

The first section of the page allows you to show/hide (for your view only) groupings of courses based on the term in which they are associated.

  1. Check the box “Group by Term” to view your “My Courses” list grouped by term.
  2. Check the individual boxes under “Show Term” in order to see the term listed in your “My Courses” list.
  3. Check the individual boxes under “Expand Term” in order to have the courses associated with that term all visible upon reaching the “My Courses” list. Alternatively, the term will be visible but the courses will be collapsed.
  4. Check the individual boxes under “Select All/Unselect All” in order to set the term as visible and expanded by default.

My Course - terms selection list

Scrolling down past the Terms section, you’ll notice a full list of your courses. Here, you are able to hide/show (for your view only) courses on an individual basis within the “Group by Term” framework. For example, selecting the Fall 2014 term as visible but deselecting an individual course from that term would allow you to see other courses from that term but not the deselected course. Below, the highlighted course – despite being within a term that is set to be visible – will not be seen because it is deselected all the way across the row:My Courses Edit Course List

With a few simple settings adjustments, your “My Courses” can look like this:

My Courses - Grouped by term

These settings affect your own “My Courses” list and are a matter of convenience. Changing these settings will never delete or permanently hide any courses, nor will it affect your students’ ability to see your course (course availability).