How Students View Feedback in Blackboard

Students can have trouble locating their grades and feedback on assignments in Blackboard. Yet we all know how important quality feedback can be to the learning process. Let’s take a look at what students see after their work is graded.

When a grade is received, it will alert them through the My Blackboard menu in the upper right corner, but it’s easy to miss. Their grades are accessible to them any time through their My Blackboard menu or through their individual courses (as long as the Grade Center column hasn’t been hidden from students).

For this article, we’re going to look at accessing grades and feedback through a course.

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The My Grades link, located under Course Tools, will bring students to all of the grades available to them on Blackboard.

Students should start by accessing the My Grades link through the Tools link on the Course Menu or the link in Syllabus & Information.

INSTRUCTORS: Students can’t see the Course Tools section of the Control Panel, so there must be a link somewhere in the Course Menu for them to access this material.
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Students can see their scores on assignments in the right column, while details about the work can be accessed by clicking on the title on the left.

The My Grades page is easy to navigate. Students will see a list of their assignments, any grade they have received, and a link to any rubric that might have been used. To see more details about an assignment, students should click on the title of the assignment, shown on the left side of the screen. Note: The My Grades page appears in the same order in which you have organized your Grade Center. Consider organizing columns (assignments) chronologically.

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The Submission History page for an assignment contains a great deal of information and feedback for the student.

There are a lot of options in the Review Submission History page, so we will take a look at the four biggest highlights of the page.

  1. The Grade is located in the upper right corner. If there is more than one attempt, the grades for all attempts will be listed below, and the final grade for the assignment will be in the dark grey box at the top. A link to any rubric used as well as to the original submission will be below the grade.
  2. The general Feedback to Learner is listed below the grade. This is where instructors will put general comments about the work and anything else the student should know.
  3. The Comments & Markups panel shows any comments made on the body of the paper. This is like the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word and allows instructors to comment directly on the paper. Note: this panel will not appear if there are no comments on the document. Also Note: This markup capability is very similar to that of Chalk & Wire, so we encourage its use for consistency.
  4. The left-most panel is the document that was submitted for the assignment, view-able in the browser. Students can see any notes or comments left on the document here and can click on the button indicated at the top to download a PDF version of the commented version for their records.

Students don’t always realize that they can view their papers and associated feedback as well as just their scores. Encourage them to click the link and see the comments and suggestions you’ve entered during grading.


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