Copy Content Between Courses in Blackboard

Using Course Copy 

Course Copy is a tool that allows you to copy full content sections from one course into another course.

  • To run a Course Copy, navigate to the course that contains the materials you would like to copy.
  • From there, look to your Control Panel, click on Packages and Utilities, and then select Course Copy from the options provided.


  • On the next page, under Select Copy Type, choose “Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course“.


  • Afterward, click on the Browse button next to Destination Course ID. This will open a pop-up window with all of your courses on Blackboard. Select the destination course you want to copy documents into and then click Submit on the pop-up window.


  • Next, under Select Course Materials, check off which content areas you would like to copy into the destination course.
BEST PRACTICE: Select All of these options and include everything in your course copy. You can then modify/delete items in the new course as needed afterward.

This ensures that no files you may need are missed in the course copy. For example, If you do not choose to copy over the “Grade Center Columns and Settings”, your assignments in other sections will not be included in the course copy. Therefore we highly recommend including everything in your course copies and then editing/removing  outdated or unwanted content from the new course afterwards.


  • Click Submit
  • You will get a banner along the top of the page indicating that the course copy has successfully begun and you will receive an email when the Course Copy is complete.

When copying entire Content Areas or folders from one course to another, you might consider these details, which explain how to make the process smooth, with minimal “clean-up” effort.



Copying Individual Items into a Another Course 

  • If you only want to move or copy a single item rather than an entire content section click on the drop-down menu button to the right of the item in question and choose Copy from the resulting pop-up menu.


  • On the following page, click on the Destination Course drop-down box select the course you want to copy the item into.


  • After, click on the Browse button next to Destination Folder and in the pop-up window select where in the destination course you want the file being copied to appear.


  • Click Submit
  • You will get a banner along the top of the page indicating that the item has bee successfully copied into the destination course.