Add and Arrange Images in Blackboard


How to Add and Arrange Images

Adding images to your courses on Blackboard is a great way to break up areas of text as well as an easy way of providing your students with beneficial visual aids and examples. You can add any image saved on your computer to a content section in Blackboard by following the process below. 

  • To add an image to a content section, click on the Insert Image icon in the text editor tool bar.

Click here to add images

  • On the resulting pop-up window, click Browse My Computer and select the image you would like to add from your computer. Once you have selected an image, a preview of the picture will appear in the window and you can click Insert to place the image in your content section.
Be sure to add a Title and Image Description so your images have alt-text for the accessibility of visually impaired students and screen readers.

Upload image pop-up window.

  • Once the image has been placed in your content section, you can re-size it by clicking on any corner and dragging it in towards or away from the center of the image until it reaches the correct size.

Re-sizing an image

  • You can also change where an image falls in the content section by clicking on the image (so that it is highlighted) and clicking on Align RightAlign Center, or Align Left.

How to center an image

  • If you are adding multiple images and want them to appear next to each other, shrink both images using the process above until both images are small enough to fit side by side in the content section.

Putting Images next to each other