Integrate Video in Blackboard

How to Integrate Video

To add a video to your courses Blackboard the videos need to be made available on YouTube. If you want to record your own videos to integrate into your online class you will have to create a YouTube account and upload your videos there first (note, that you can upload videos on YouTube as Unlisted if you do not want them to be searchabler by the general public). 

  • To insert videos into a course content section, click on Mashups in the toolbar and select YouTube Video from the drop-down menu.

How to add a video

  • In the resulting pop-up window, use the Search bar to find a video on YouTube and then press the Select Button  underneath the video of your choice.
 If you made your own video and uploaded it on YouTube as Unlisted, simply paste the url to your video in the search bar on this window to find your video.

Search for the Video you want to add

  • After Selecting the video you want to add to your class, you will see the page below. Here, you can select whether you want the video to appear in your course as a Thumbnail, a Text Link, or as an Embedded Video.

Select how you wan the video to appear

  • You can see what each of the options looks like in the images below.

How a video looks when added as a thumbnail

How a video looks when added as a text link

How a video looks when embedded