In-Line Grading – Discussions, Blogs, Journals & Wikis

We’ve talked about the new in-line grading features in Blackboard on this blog before, but only for the Assignment Tool. The in-line grading feature goes across many different tools, and this time, we’re going to take a look at the Discussions, Wikis, Blogs and Journals.


Screen capture of the discussion grading page

The grading page for discussions shows all posts within the board from each user, and the ability to grade right from this page.


The discussion grading page provides the full text of all discussion posts by a particular student alongside a grading panel, which allows you to enter the grade and any feedback directly from this screen.

One area of confusion has been how to navigate between users. In the above image, the name listed above the grading panel is also a link you can click on to expand the class list and choose other students. Let’s look at that list below.


Screen capture of extended user list in discussion grading page

When you click on the student’s name, you get a list of other students who have submitted work.


The expanded list, by default, includes only students who have submitted work. If you want to see the full list of students, you must click the Show All check box, highlighted in the image above. The number of submissions by each individual student is listed in the parenthesis after their name.

From here, we’ll switch gears and take a look at the grading page for blogs and journals.


Screen capture of blogs and journals grading screen

The Blog and Journal grading pages look identical, and are very similar to the Discussion in-line grading.


The Blog and Journal grading screen looks very similar to the Discussion grading screen. Like discussions, it lists all posts by an individual user on a single screen, and you can navigate between users by clicking on the student’s name. However, there is one major difference– Blogs and Journals break down the posts with a monthly or weekly index, depending on how it was set up. This index is located in the lower right corner of the page.  To change the dates being viewed, click on another date in the Index list. Unfortunately, there is no way to view all entries across all time periods in this screen.


Screen capture of the wiki grading screen

Wikis provide a great deal of information on student participation in the activity.


Wikis have a very different in-line grading page. When you go to the Participation and Grading button in your wiki, you will come to the Participation Summery. This is the wiki grading page. On the left, you’ll have a list of all of your students who have participated in the wiki, along with the details of their participation. This allows you to get a good overview of the participation for the wiki, and to click on individual students to grade them. You can also use the menu on the right side (just like that in the Blogs and Discussion pages) to navigate to different students in the class. When you click to go to an individual student’s page, you can grade and enter comments just as you would for other activities, and can navigate using the right side menu to other students’ work.


The new in-line grading feature is consistent across the tools, but is definitely a change of pace from the older grading system! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lily or Tom.