“Post First” Discussion Board Feature

A long-awaited feature in the Discussion Board tool, instructors now have the ability to force each student to publish their own thread to a forum before they can see their peers’ threads or reply to them. This prevents the paraphrasing problem that often exists in forums, where students expend more energy trying to figure out how to rewrite what others have written than developing their own, original post.




When you setup a forum, you can choose between Standard View, the default, and Participants must create a thread to view other threads in this forum, which is the post-first setting.

Forum settings are grouped into related areas on the page, making it easier to scan and select options. Settings that are not available based on the current selections are grayed-out or have strike-through text. For example, when you apply the post first setting, various settings are automatically made unavailable in order to maintain the integrity of the post first capability. An author is not allowed to delete his own posts to avoid a student posting something first to see others’ posts, and then deleting and rewriting their post after the fact.

post first discussion setting

When a student first enters this discussion forum, they will see the following screen, inviting them to get started with their first thread:

discussion forum post first student view

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