Top 10 Frequently Asked Blackboard Questions by Students

1. How do I get to Blackboard?

To log into Blackboard, go to and click on the “LOGIN” link in the upper right corner.

Location of the log in button on

A list of options will appear– Blackboard is the first one. Click the “LOGIN” button next to Blackboard to go to the page.

Location of the blackboard log in link


2. What information do I use to log in?

Use your Saint Rose username and password — the same information you use to log into your email and the campus computers. Do not include in your username. If you need help, please contact the Helpdesk at (518) 454-4357.

3. What browser should I use for Blackboard?

Mozilla Firefox is the supported browser for Blackboard on both Windows and Mac computers at The College of Saint Rose. You can download Firefox from here:

4. How can I find my grades in Blackboard?

The location of the Tools link in the Course Menu.

The location of the Tools link in the Course Menu.

+ Go to the course where you’re looking for your grades. + On the Course Menu at the left, click on the “Tools” button. + On the new page that appears, click on “My Grades”. This will bring you to all of the available grades for this course. + If you do not see the Tools link, please contact your instructor. Not all instructors use the My Grades tool in Blackboard.

5. I can log into Blackboard, but I don’t see my course listed.

Not every instructor uses Blackboard. If you don’t see your course, ask your instructor if he or she uses Blackboard and has enabled the course. If you know your course should be on Blackboard, confirm with the Registrar’s Office that you’re on the roster for the course. If you have confirmed both of these, please contact Lily Shafer at (518) 337-4912 or Tom Rosenberger at (518) 337-4987 for further assistance.

6. I can’t find a file, assignment or other content in my Blackboard course.

Please contact your instructor. Every instructor creates their Blackboard course differently, and they’ll be best able to help you find what you need.

7. How can I remove old courses from my Courses page?


Location of the “Manage My Courses” button.

On your Courses page, hover your mouse over where it says “My Courses”. A grey icon will appear to the right. Click on it.     You will then have the option to uncheck any course you do not wish to see on your Courses page. After changing these settings, click Submit at the bottom. Those courses will no longer appear on the Courses page in Blackboard. If you need to access any of these courses in the future, you can go back to the page and check the boxes next to the courses you need to access.

8. When I click on a link in Blackboard, I get a blank screen/box.


The location of the shield icon and disable option in Firefox.

Blackboard, itself, requires a higher level of browser security than some outside content that may be used inside of your courses. If this is the case, your browser may not show you the less secure content until you tell it to. + In your address bar to the left of the address, you will see a small grey shield icon. Click on it. + A popup will appear that says “Firefox has blocked content that is not secure.” At the bottom, click on the arrow button and choose “Disable protection on this page.” + The browser will refresh the page. Click again on the link that wasn’t working. You should now see the missing item. Note: You will have to do this in each course where you find content missing.

9. I am unable to load a Collaborate session from Blackboard.

It is likely you don’t have Java installed on your computer. Go to to download and install the right version for your system. If you are a Mac user, use your computer’s Software Update tool to make sure you have the most up to date version for your computer. For further help with Collaborate, including “how to” articles for participants, go to and

10. When I try to access a Blog, Wiki or Journal, I get a “Cookies Disabled. Single sign-on requires cookies to be enabled in your browser.” error message.


The error message that appears when third party cookies are not accepted by the browser.

The error message that appears when third party cookies are not accepted by the browser.

This error message is given by Campus Pack, the software that provides blogs, wikis and journals for some Blackboard courses.  To access these tools, you must enable third party cookies in your browser. This process varies based on which browser you are using. To find the correct instructions, choose your browser from the options below.   Enabling cookies in Safari: Enabling cookies in Mozilla Firefox: Enabling cookies in Google Chrome: