Using the Blackboard Grade Center – Extra Credit

With the new update to Blackboard, you can now use the Grade Center to easily add extra credit to your students’ grade calculations.

location of the create column button in Grade Center

Creating a column gets you started on your Extra Credit calculations.

Go into your class, and go to Control Panel > Grade Center > Full Grade Center. Once you see your grade center, click on the Create Column button.

Location of the fields to fill in.

Enter Column Name, Primary Display and Points Possible.

On the next page, enter a Column Name. For Primary Display, select Score.  For Points Possible, enter 0. Next to Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations choose Yes. Once you’ve confirmed this information, click Submit.


Congratulations! You’ve created your Extra Credit column. Now when you create a calculated column, such as a Total column, you can include your extra credit and it will calculate properly in Blackboard.  This will allow totals to go above 100%, which is possible with Extra Credit.


For more information, you can see Blackboard’s information on creating extra credit columns here.