Vista Higher Learning & Blackboard Integration Guide


This guide will show you how to link your Vista Higher Learning course Supersite with your Blackboard course. This allows your rosters to stay in sync and allows students to easily access their Supersite assignments through the Blackboard course. Not only does this method contribute to students’ feeling of consistency across their courses but it also helps ensure that students completing work within Supersites are the same students receiving academic credit. Accessing Supersites through the Blackboard integration satisfies an important regulatory requirement and Saint Rose policy concerning student identity verification.


Step 1:

Allow Blackboard and Vista Higher Learning to “talk to” each other by confirming your privacy policy settings through Blackboard. This is a one-time sync – you’ll only have to do this once a semester.

  1. Log in to Blackboard. Click on Courses.
  2. Choose the course that you will be linking your VHL site to, then navigate to a Course Content folder.
  3. In the course, choose Partner Content, then Content Market. Choose Vista.

The Partner Content menu in Blackboard.

4. Agree to the privacy settings, and then click Launch.


Step 2:

Sync your VHL Central Account login to your Blackboard account. This is also a one-time sync.

  1. Log in with your VHL account, and click the picture of the textbook you’re using.
  2. Set up the courses you need, unless you have already done so. If you have, simply choose the course and section you need, and click Ok.

The course settings menu in Vista Higher Learning.

  • Set the lessons you’ll cover, the settings you want, and your levels. These should be settings you would usually create. For more help with these settings, contact your representative or VHL Chat support, who are hugely helpful.
    • Vistas, 5th edition uses the Supersite Plus with vText, but does not include WebSAM.
    • Sentieri, 2nd edition is only a Supersite, with no vText or WebSAM.
    • Espaces, 3rd edition also uses only the basic Supersite, no vText or WebSAM.
  • Set up your gradebook categories, then click Save.
  • Next, set up a section for the course. When you are all done, click Ok.


The Course Selection screen in Vista Higher Learning


Step 3:

Allow your students to access the VHL course via Blackboard by adding a link to your VHL course in your Blackboard course.

  1. Choose the course folder you want the link to VHL to be in, and click Submit.

The Vista Higher Learning configuration page in Blackboard.


The Content Added success message in Blackboard.