LMS Course Merge

Why Merge Courses?

The purpose is to simplify your life by merging section enrollments into a course so that content may be shared. Generally, but not always, all students in the merged course can see and participate in all of the same content.  If you are uncertain about your end goal or desired results, ask us before submitting this request – we’re happy to help you decide!

  • If you teach multiple sections of the same course and want to manage them all together, this is for you.
  • If you teach cross-listed courses where students in the same class are enrolled in different CRNs, but wish to have a “place” online for everybody, this is for you.
  • If you like the idea of sending instructions, deploying tests, or posting content one time instead of the same thing multiple times, this is for you.

Note: Merging sections in Canvas is different than Blackboard’s approach.

  • In Blackboard, a new course shell was created. If you combine two sections of the same course you will now have three courses. You simply maintain the combined course and do not make the original courses available to your students.
  • In Canvas, each course contains a section of student enrollments. We simply move sections of enrollments from one course umbrella to another, leaving behind an empty course and adding people to one of the existing courses.

Submit Your Request:

The following form is used to request that two or more sections of the same course, taught by the same instructor within the same semester, be merged into a single course shell.

This form requires accurate CRNs for each section you wish to combine. You can find them in the course listings:


Please allow at least 48 hours for processing and overnight automated enrollment.