Turnitin, one paper at a time.

Have you ever gotten a last minute paper, or a a resubmitted assignment and find yourself in need of the Turnitin plagiarism assessment tool for just that one paper?

In Blackboard, faculty had a “Direct Submit” option with the SafeAssign tool, but now with Turnitin (which needs to be accessed through Canvas), you can use your sandbox course to create a new assignment with Turnitin enabled.

Here is a quick and easy guide on how to use your sandbox Canvas course to produce an originality report for a singular paper:

First thing to do is to access your sandbox course through your courses menu tab or dashboard menu tab at the left.

Go to your Assignments menu and click on the create “New Assignments” button (+ASSIGNMENT)

Make sure you submission type is set to online, file upload and select Turnitin in the Plagiarism Review section. Title and save the changes.

Find your new assignment in your Assignments menu and publish the assignment by clicking on the grey “NO” circle until it is a green check mark.

Go to your home screen and click on Student View. This will take you through your course as if you were one of your students.

Now in student view (as noted by the purple banner at the bottom of your screen), navigate back to the Assignments menu and find your recently published assignment.

Click on it – as the “test student” – and submit the paper to the assignment.

Once it has been uploaded, go to the bottom right of the page and click “Leave Student View.”

This will immediately bring you to the assignment as the instructor. You can then click on Speedgrader…

… where the originality report will be an option in the sidebar. Turnitin sometimes takes a bit of time to generate the report, especially during busy points in the semester. You’ll know the report is ready when you see a percentage score in a colored background. Click the score to open the full Turninitin originality report in a new window.