Using WebAssign in Canvas

Accreditation and legal guidelines require that the College be able to verify that students who receive academic credit for a course that has an online component are, in fact, the same individuals who completed the coursework. Luckily, we have an easy way to accomplish this with WebAssign!

Students’ access to a WebAssign course must occur through the Canvas course. This does not mean you must teach your course using the tools and features in Blackboard, but that Canvas is the ‘single sign-on’ method by which your students access their WebAssign account.

To link a WebAssign course to a Canvas course:

1.) Create your WebAssign course through Cengage, as you did before the Canvas transition.

2.) Create a new Module Item through Canvas that links to WebAssign:

a.) From the Modules page, click the plus icon in a module.

b.) Choose External Tool from the list, then find Cengage Learning. Select it, then click “Add Item.”  Make sure to give your new page a name!

3.) Click on your new WebAssign link (remember that new items will appear at the bottom of a module) and log in to your Cengage account to link your Canvas and Cengage accounts.

If you need more help, you can go through Cengage’s Canvas Integration Guide for more detail.