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Creating, presenting, and consuming course content within the LMS.

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Bb Video Everywhere

The “Talking Head” Makes a Comeback! Video of a stationary person speaking – news anchor style – has been looked down upon by some educators and technologists for a number of years. It is often seen as pointless to record yourself looking into a camera talking, when you can save bandwidth, buffering, and beauty supplies by recording audio only or just… Read more →

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Bb Course Template Change

You may notice a change in courses for future terms. The default course menu template has been modified based on years of feedback from instructors and students. Here is what you’ve seen (and said) for years:     So what? Who cares? Many people found the naming conventions of the default content areas ambiguous. “What is the difference between Information… Read more →

Content Delivery in Blackboard

Creating and delivering content in Blackboard is fairly straightforward, but since there are so many tools to create content, an overview can’t hurt! Before we get to the technical “how-to”s, here are a few quick tips for your online content: When creating content for your course, try to use more than one format. Different formats are much more accessible to… Read more →

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Organizing Your Course

Knowing the best way to organize your content for students is just as important as knowing how to put that content on Blackboard.  In a fully online course, your students’ primary contact with the course, the College, and with you as the instructor is the Blackboard content and interactive tools. Even in a blended course environment, the organization and accessibility… Read more →

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The Importance of Instructor Presence Online

In online courses, we don’t have the benefit of non-verbal and in-person communication to help us connect with our students. Instead, much of this communication comes through in actions we might otherwise pay little attention to, and has a much greater effect than you might believe! Your virtual presence in your course through direct contact with students (via email, discussion… Read more →

Accessible Design Benefits All

Researchers are finding that courses built for accessibility can actually benefit all learners – not just student(s) with documented disabilities. The scope of what we mean by “building” or “designing” can range from a fully-online course to a traditional course that houses a few documents or resources on Canvas – blended learning. Likewise, the scope of who we mean when we… Read more →

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Missing Content in Blackboard – a mixed content issue

With our new move to Managed Hosting, we have had to enabled SSL on Blackboard. This is a good thing! It makes our system more secure and protects student and instructor data. But now, Blackboard requires a higher level of browser security than some outside content that may be used inside of your courses. If this is the case, your browser may not… Read more →