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SAMR Model of Tech Tool Use

SAMR Model of Tech Tool Use Instructional designers use technology to make the learning experience better. It is important to let the instructional goals drive the use of technology instead adopting a technology for the sake of adding “technology”  to the classroom. A good way to remember the importance of goal-driven design is to think of the SAMR model. The… Read more →

Ways of Speaking to Assist the Captioning Process and Ways to Make Your Recorded Lectures Enduring

Ways of Speaking to Assist the Captioning Process and Ways to Make Your Recorded Lectures Enduring Try not to speak in run-on sentences. Inserting the word “and” in between ideas too frequently can confuse students. Try to say the main point of a sentence first and then follow it with a modifying clause. Ex: “There are syllogisms that can produce… Read more →

Quickstart Guide to Zoom Online Conferencing

Getting Started on Zoom  How to Sign Up for the First Time   Start by going to On the top right corner, click on the blue “Sign Up, It’s Free” button. Enter your school email address and click “Sign Up”. You’ll receive an email from Zoom to Go to your email and click Activate Account. You’ll be redirected to… Read more →

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VoiceThread, Relay Conversations and Canvas Discussions with Video: What Makes Them Different?

If you have been following Online Learning Services over the course of the year, you may have noticed the variety of tools we provide for online discussion. It is understandable that you might be confused about what each one does. Here is a handy summary of each tool and in what teaching context it can shine: VoiceThread VoiceThread is a… Read more →

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Branching Structure in Learning Design

A branching structure in the teaching and learning process is helpful because it gives students more control over the learning process and the freedom to choose the sequence of their learning. Adult learners like to learn skills that they can see will directly help them on the job. Branching engages students because it allows them to learn the skills they… Read more →

Round-Up: There’s an App for That

Today’s students seek ubiquity in their learning environment. That is, they desire flexibility and easy access regardless of time or location. At Saint Rose, we know that our students utilize mobile access to our learning tools. As educators, it is important we consider the changing behaviors and learning styles of our students in order to adapt our techniques to better meet their… Read more →

Your Students are Mobile Learners

In this article, I provide some evidence that our students are consuming online course content on their mobile devices, and suggest that we consider this a reality when designing courses. Blackboard Mobile Learning Blackboard’s mobile apps have gone through a few iterations over the years. They have recently re-named Bb Student to Blackboard and have built an better instructor app named Blackboard Instructor.… Read more →