Chalk & Wire FAQs: Instructors Using Blackboard

This article is intended to assist faculty accessing Chalk & Wire through a Blackboard course.

Important: There are two ways to use Chalk & Wire…

  1. Direct Login at (CITE and specific other groups)
  2. In a Blackboard course, via an assignment link (main campus and other Blackboard users)

If you are unsure which group you are in, please ask ITS Online Learning Services.


The general process for using Chalk & Wire inside of Blackboard is as follows:

  1. Instructor sets up assignment link
  2. Students upload work / add content
  3. Students submit it to instructor
  4. Instructor assesses using linked rubric and releases score

    Sound familiar? Yes – it’s true – this process is fairly simple and similar to using Blackboard own assignment tools.


Q: How will I receive my account?
A: Your Chalk & Wire access is tied to your Blackboard account. If you click a Chalk & Wire link in your Blackboard course and get a login screen or other error, contact the ITS Help Desk.


Q: How do I setup the assignment in my course?
A: Browse to the place where you’d like the link to appear. While in Edit Mode, click “Chalk & Wire: Assignment” within the Assessments button:

C&W assessment type

On the next page, name your assignment link (students will see this name): ***NOTE: Your Chalk & Wire link may not work if there is an apostrophe in the link ( ‘ ). Please be aware of this when creating the link name.

C&W name item

And, on that same page, Enable Evaluation if you’d like a grade to be transferred from Chalk & Wire to your Blackboard Grade Center. This will allow students to view their course grade for this assignment in the same place they might see other assignment grades.

C&W grading

After clicking Submit, you will see the assignment link in your course:

click assignment link

Click the assignment link so that you can select the appropriate Chalk & Wire assignment/rubric. This will direct students straight into the place they need to submit their work. Be sure to click a page of the Table of Contents, even if there is only one page, so that the Save button appears:

select TOC page

That’s it! The assignment link is now ready for students. Curious what your student need to do with this link? We wrote an article explaining the student side!


Q: Where do I find and assess the work that students submitted to me?
 When you click the assignment link in your course, you will be brought to the Dashboard screen, unless you have changed your default entry page. From here, click on Menu, then Assessment, then Assess. This is the Assessment screen, where you’ll find any pending assessments. This includes all work submitted to you by any student which is awaiting your attention:
C&W Pending Assessment screen
Click the row that you’d like to assess, then click Assess in the contextual menu.

Q: I know that my students submitted their work, but can’t find the pending assessments. Where are they?
 It is possible that the search parameters on your Assessment screen is filtering out older work. In the example, above, the user has set their default display to “Past 10 Years” but your default display might be days or weeks. If this is the case, you need to change your Time Horizon.


Step-by-step slideshow…

Q: How can I comment on student work?
 There are a number of ways to provide comments and feedback, including rubric criterion-based and overall comments, in-line document annotation (very similar to Blackboard’s inline grading workflow, offline document annotation (Track Changes), comments on specific pieces of text on the page, audio comments, and comments within student videos.

Q: How do I make changes to a previously completed assessment?
 An assessment that has already been completed can be reassessed, even if the score has already been released to the student. Simply click the Completed Assessments button on your Assessment screen to search for the completed assessment.

Q: Why does it say that my assessment is incomplete?
 If you see a message or indicator that an assessment is incomplete, this means that some required entry has not been made. In almost all cases, there is one or more un-scored criterion within the assessment instrument (rubric). Until you have completed the assessment by scoring all criterion, the assessment score will not generate and you will see “Incomplete.”

Q: Why does it say that my assessment is a draft?
: If you have checked the box for “As Draft,” which is found at the bottom of an assessment instrument (rubric) when assessing student work, your scoring/commenting will be considered a draft until you decide it is final. If the assessment is a draft, the student will not see that you have completed the assessment, even if your settings are such that scores are released immediately. When you are finished grading, it is important to save your assessment.

Q: What are held assessments? How do I release them?
A held assessment is one that may be completed but results are not released to the student. It is common for instructors to hold scores until they have assessed the work of an entire class. If you wish to do that, make sure your assessments are set as “hold until released” so that saving a completed assessment will keep the results held. Don’t forget to release the grades when you’re done!

Q: How do my students see their grade?
A: After you assess and release scores, students may receive an email notification. If not, students can view their released scores, including full rubric breakdown, comments, and/or attached files by browsing to their My Results page, within the Work section of Chalk & Wire.

Please note: Chalk & Wire assessments may be based on College/department skill-based competencies and may not reflect the task-based requirements for course grading. You are encouraged to consider assessing student work against a secondary rubric that reflects the requirements for the course. Please ask for help in setting this up.

Additionally, and whether or not you decide to use a secondary rubric, you are encouraged to provide a grade that can automatically transfer to your Blackboard Grade Center. This means students will see their course assignment grade in the same place they might see other course assignments. For help, please ask us!

send external grade


Q: Can I create other assignments for my students using the Chalk & Wire workflow?
Yes. Please consult with ITS Online Learning Services for assistance.


Q: Why are buttons missing or not working in my account?
A: Your Internet browser is likely the reason the page does not work properly. First, try another browser (Firefox or Chrome are preferred over Internet Explorer). Clear your cache, and disable problematic add-ons. If the site continues to display or function incorrectly after following Chalk & Wire’s instructions, please contact Chalk & Wire’s Support Desk at or by phoning 1-866-949-6800 x1, or contact the ITS Help DeskPlease note: Firefox or Chrome are also the preferred browsers for Blackboard.


  • System Setup Questions (Table of Contents, Assignments, Permissions, Access): Your School liaisons, ITS Online Learning Services, or Chalk & Wire Support directly.
  • Technical Questions (How?): After using the FAQs on this page and the Chalk & Wire User Guide, contact ITS Online Learning Services.
  • Technical Issues (This isn’t working as described): Contact ITS Online Learning Services or Chalk & Wire Support.