How Students View Feedback in Chalk & Wire

Viewing feedback in Chalk & Wire requires a few extra steps by the students. This step-by-step process should guide them through seeing both their rubric scores and the comments made by the instructor.

To begin, students should click on the link for their assignment from within the Blackboard course.

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Students should click on the link for the assignment in their Blackboard course to locate the feedback.

The Assignment page will appear much like it did when the student submitted the work. However, on the right side there is now a new link for Completed Assessments. Clicking on that will bring the student to all submissions they’ve completed for this assignment.

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After submission, a link appears on the right panel of the assignment page for the completed assessment.

This will bring them to a list of Student Results. There may be more than one submission here – the student will need to locate the correct assignment to view the details of that assignment.

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Clicking on the name of the assessment will bring you to a menu where you can choose several options regarding the assignment.

  1. The score and grade for the assignments are listed right here on the page. The Score provides the total from the rubric used. This may not be the grade students receive for the course. The Grade is the grade for the assignment in the class and it is optional for the instructor to have used this field. If there is any question about which of these is being used for the class, students should speak with their instructors.
  2. To access details about the score received, click on the title of the assignment and choose View Details.
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The Assessment Details page provides extensive information about the completed, graded assignment.

The Assessment Details page contains a lot of information for students. I’ll highlight some of the key information:

  1. The Rubric Score and Grade (optional) are listed at the top of the page. Students should consult their instructors on what these numbers mean for them in terms of their course grade.
  2. The Overall Comment section is where the students will find any overall comments entered by the instructor during grading.
  3. Assessed Criteria gives detailed information about the rubric, its criteria, the student scores and any comments about that section.
  4. If the instructor has chosen to use the in-line grading feature, the student can view any Annotated Documents at the bottom of the page. They can view or download those files for their records by using the buttons at the left. If the student submitted the work by copy-pasting text and the instructor commented on that in-line text, it will be available below this section.

The feedback tools in Chalk & Wire are powerful, but students must go and retrieve that feedback for it to be truly valuable and helpful to them. Encourage students to view the feedback given to them and to consult with you, as the instructor, on how to best use that feedback to improve their work.