Importing the Mini Module Into Your Canvas Course

The Course Tools Mini-Module is available to all teachers as an addition to your Canvas course. It can help students be successful by introducing them to the Canvas learning system, and ensuring that they understand how to interact with online course content before the semester is underway. You can import the Course Tools Mini-Module into your course in a few easy steps:

First, log into Canvas and select “Commons” on the left side toolbar:

Next, locate “Mini Module: Using Course Tools” by selecting the course card…

…or by entering the title into the search bar:

Select the course/courses you want to insert the mini-module into by ticking the relevant boxes in the course menu:

The green “Import to Course” button will remain greyed out until you select a course

When you are finished, click “Import to Course.” A green banner will appear at the top of the screen indicating that the import has begun:

It may take a while to see the module appear in your Canvas course

When the module becomes available in your Canvas course, keep in mind that it will appear at the bottom of all your course modules!

Please keep in mind that you will have to go back into Commons to view any updates to the Course Tools Mini Module.