File Links in Canvas

The Files tab in your Canvas course is an excellent tool that allows you to easily store files and assignments directly within the course. It also acts as a repository for all files linked to other areas of your Canvas course.

For example, a PDF link to your syllabus under the Syllabus tab can also be found under the Files tab. This allows you to easily view all your course materials in one convenient location. ()

However, students may have trouble locating course material under the Files tab. For this reason, we recommend using file links within your pages and assignments.

Why Use File Links?

Using file links in your Canvas course is a great way to provide an organized, descriptive online learning experience for students. It allows them to open documents directly from the Assignment and Pages tabs, and helps ensure that they are accessing the correct content.

How to Add a File Link

IMPORTANT: Canvas has provided a great, step-by-step guide for inserting file links into a Page or Assignment on Canvas. Please follow these steps carefully to make sure your file links are added correctly.

Having trouble?

Abi Says: “Remember, you can’t copy and paste whole pages because the file links will break!”

This is a file link. If you copy and paste the links into new pages or courses, they will break! You must either import the links from a previous course or section OR manually add them by inserting a file as shown above

Abi Says: “Remember, when you copy a course from Blackboard to Canvas, it might seem like you lost files, but you didn’t!”

Blackboard allows you to store folders inside other folders, but Canvas does not. As a result, when you import your course to Canvas, all the files you had in your Blackboard course will appear in one list under “Files.” Your files may not look the same, but they are still there! To locate a file, find it in the bar that reads “search for files.”