E-Learning Pre-Approval Process for Instructors

Course instructors planning to teach an online or hybrid course will need to submit an E-Learning Pre-Approval form, and that form must be approved by all reviewers before the course schedule will indicate that the course is online or hybrid. We want students to have a fair shake at building their schedules, so forms should be submitted and approved prior to the posting of the course listings for the next upcoming term so that students have accurate expectations for the course.

The College requires a completed and approved form for each course in which any portion of the contact hour requirement is removed from the classroom and converted to electronic delivery, for each instructor, and for each semester the course is offered – even if nothing has changed. That is because the College must record planned instructional methods as related to College policies, accreditor guidelines, and state and federal laws for distance education. Prior semesters’  forms can be copied and reused for future terms. Details about purpose and compliance can be found within the form, itself.

Steps to complete the form

  1. Login to your E-Learning Form PortalYou may experience problems using this site in Internet Explorer 9 or lower.
  2. Click Create New Form or Copy an existing form for reuse from the Submitted E-Learning Forms section.
    Screenshot of portal showing Create New Form button, list of form drafts, and list of submitted forms with approval status, edit button and copy button.
  3. Supporting documentation is embedded throughout the form. Scroll to complete all sections. If you need to step away or take more than 30-minutes to complete the form, click Save Draft at the bottom so you do not lose your work! The draft will be saved in the E-Learning Form Drafts section on your portal.
  4. Once completed, Submit the form to start the reviewer workflow.
    • Emails are automatically sent to reviewers when their attention is needed.
    • Reviewers may add optional feedback. If that occurs, you and individuals who have already approved will receive an email notification, simply letting them know that feedback has been provided. Instructors should review this feedback, as action may be necessary.
    • There may be times when you’ll need to edit and re-submit a form. After re-submitting, individuals who have already approved will receive an email notification, simply letting them know that a change has been made.
  5. Once approved by all reviewers, a notification will be sent to the registrar, indicating that the online/hybrid status may be applied in the course listing.

Getting help

  • For technical help with this form process, please contact ITS Technology Support Services.
  • For technical or instructional design help with your course, please contact ITS Online Learning Services.
  • For content guidance (how to answer the form questions), please contact your department chair, deans or ITS Online Learning Services.