SAMR Model of Tech Tool Use

SAMR Model of Tech Tool Use

Instructional designers use technology to make the learning experience better. It is important to let the instructional goals drive the use of technology instead adopting a technology for the sake of adding “technology”  to the classroom.

A good way to remember the importance of goal-driven design is to think of the SAMR model. The acronym sands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition.

Substitution- tech acts as a tool that is a direct substitute, with no functional change.

Augmentation- tech acts as a tool that is a substitute, with some functional change.

Modification-  tech allows for major task redesign

Redefinition- tech allows for the creation of new tasks that were not possible before.


1.Substitution is when a teacher uses a overhead projector instead of a chalkboard.

  1. Augmentationcan be seen when a teacher posts a recording of her lecture on YouTube so her students can replay parts they do not understand.
  2. Modificationis evident when students work in the creative app Canva to make a project presentation with clickable links and videos and post the product to a Google Classroom where other students can post critiques of each other’s work.

4.Redefinition is present when classes from different places in the world use Skype, Google classroom and SurveyMonkey to communicate and collaborate on a social issues project that requires them to gather and analyze data, create a summary and form a call to action.