Quick Start Guide for TechSmith Relay

Below you will find instructions on how to access the TechSmith Relay site and begin creating videos.

What is Relay?

Relay gives you an easy way to create and store video content. You have access to:

  • An online library where you can store as many videos as you’d like.
  • A web-based recorder to easily create new videos of yourself and your screen.
  • A simple way to share these videos.

Step 1: Login

  • Go to your Relay site: https://strose.techsmithrelay.com/
  • Click ‘Sign In’. Create an account using your school email address. Single Sign-On (SSO) may take you directly into Relay                                                                                        

Step 2: Record a video

  • You should now be in your personal Relay library.
  • Click the Launch Capture button to create a NEW video.

*Note: you may have to download the recorder the first time you use it.

Step 3: Upload Videos

  • If you have old videos you’d like to upload to your Relay library:
    • Go to Create > Upload Media


Step 4: Share

Need help?

Contact your Relay Admin:

Karen Yancey | yanceyk@strose.edu

Additional resources and tutorials for TechSmith Relay are located here http://bit.ly/relay-tutorials.