Round-Up: There’s an App for That

Today’s students seek ubiquity in their learning environment. That is, they desire flexibility and easy access regardless of time or location. At Saint Rose, we know that our students utilize mobile access to our learning tools. As educators, it is important we consider the changing behaviors and learning styles of our students in order to adapt our techniques to better meet their needs as modern scholars. Mobile learning (m-learning) is the new norm, for many.

Canvas Apps

Canvas has introduced mobile apps for both teachers and students on iOS/Android. You may find it helpful to explore how students can consume your course content ubiquitously – and how you can build mobile-friendly courses.

VoiceThread App

The VoiceThread mobile app is a great tool to keep up with your classes’ work on VoiceThread. Many instructors say that keeping up with discussions is the hardest part, so don’t dismiss it out of hand!

Zoom App

Coming Soon!

Fuse App

Use your mobile device to record a video message on the go or a special event impromptu with the TechSmith Fuse app. Upload directly to your existing TechSmith Relay account for easy access and controlled viewing.