TechSmith Relay Upgrade – Integration, Quizzing, and Analytics, Oh My!

The upgraded TechSmith Relay carries with it a slew of new features, as well as performance improvements on the features you were accustomed to! Some of the features we’re most excited about are Canvas integration, quizzing, and analytics.

For beginners, start by watching the video, “TechSmith Relay in 1 Minute,” then return here to dive in.

TechSmith Relay is now integrated with our Learning Management System. That means your students can interact with your content from within their course – where everything else is. And, it means you can collect valuable data on their viewing habits and prompt them with quiz questions to test their comprehension…or keep them awake!

At first, it might seem a bit confusing because you now have two different ways to access the TechSmith Relay system (via and via content placements in your Canvas courses). Rest assured – it all makes sense. Watch this overview (9m:32s).

It’s now possible for you to better connect Relay and your Canvas course through the integration tool. Setting up this integration works like connecting a Chalk & Wire assignment to your course. We’ve created a helpful video to walk you through the integration process and to visualize the advantages of doing so (2m:53s):


The upgraded TechSmith Relay allows you to add quizzes into your videos. TechSmith has a very useful tutorial on the ins and outs of adding quizzes to your videos, and ITS Online Learning Services can share examples with you so that you can visualize this tool’s effectiveness on learning.

The quiz features are fairly robust: you have the option to set the quiz to provide feedback on correct and incorrect answers, as well as send the viewer back to a certain timestamp for clarification and re-exposure to the content they missed.

You’ll receive a nightly email when your students take your quizzes. Here’s an excerpt of one of these emails:

Quiz results email from Relay.


Viewer analytics are available for videos with and without quizzes. These analytics will show you which of your students watched your video, and how long they watched it for.

The analytics screen in Relay, featuring a pie chart of student completion rates.

To access analytics, either click on the video link in your Canvas course or in your Relay library, and click the Analytics tab below the video.

The upgraded TechSmith Relay also allows you to import YouTube videos into your library, which gives you the ability to overlay quizzing and collect viewer analytics on public YouTube content!

Bb Grade Center Integration

If you check the “Enable grading” check box when you set up your Canvas integration, a Grade Center column will be created for you.

  • If you have a quiz on the video, the grade will be for the quiz. Here’s an example of the way the grades will appear in the grade book (I scored this quiz assignment out of 5, and Canvas automatically calculated the students’ scores for me).
    Grade book excerpt with grades for Relay video.
  • If you don’t have a quiz attached to the video but you enable grading, the grade is a completion grade for watching the video.  The grade is calculated from the percentage of the video the student watched.

Be aware: both of these grades should take about 15 minutes to show up in your grade book.

TechSmith’s extensive tutorial library for Relay, which we recommend perusing if you need technical help or a refresher with using Relay. If you’d like help with these new aspects of TechSmith Relay, don’t be afraid to reach out to us in Online Learning Services for help!