Video on the Go: Using the Fuse app for Relay uploads

Last year, I had an emergency and needed to be out of town immediately. I did not grab my laptop, knowing I would have access to a computer so I could post the materials to my Blackboard class. But I didn’t realize that the computer did not have a camera, making recording a brief intro video to explain things to my students a little more difficult.

But I had my phone, and I knew about the free Fuse mobile app, which can be set up to connect to our Relay server where I post my other videos. This allowed me to use my phone camera to record a brief video in which I explained the assignment to be done while I was away and to connect with my students.

There are a number of reasons that recording from your mobile device is preferable, though. Perhaps you want to provide a video of just your face, in case you are providing feedback or explaining an assignment. Perhaps you want to record a class visit or other event that would be useful for students to view in the future. In all of these cases, Fuse lets you record and upload to our Relay server, where your video can be saved without eating your phone’s storage.

First, though, we have to set up the app to connect to our Saint Rose Relay server. That’s where this is going to start!

If you are not already a Relay user, you will need to contact ITS Online Learning Services to have your account setup before using Fuse.

To Begin – Setting up the Fuse App

  • Download the app from your device’s app store and open it on your device. (I will be using the iOS app, so Android devices may look slightly different from these pictures.)

Location of the library button in the Fuse main screen

  • The app automatically opens to a camera preview. Click on the Library button in the lower left corner.

Location of the Settings button in Fuse

  • The library is where the app will store all of your videos and photos taken in Fuse (in the image, you can see my brief recording from the scenario I talked about above). To set up your connection, click Settings in the lower right corner.

Location of the Relay settings in Fuse app

  • There are several options for connections for the Fuse app. For our purposes, we want to choose TechSmith Relay on the Settings page.

Sign in to Relay link in the Fuse app

  • If this is your first time in the app, you’ll see a Sign In option on this page. Tap on it to enter your settings.

Location of manual option in the Fuse app

QR Code for Fuse App


  • If you’re looking at this on your computer and have your mobile device handy, click on the thumbnail image to the right to use the QR code for setting up the device.


If not, don’t worry! We can enter the settings manually too. Click on Manually Connect at the bottom of the screen.


Location of server URL entry

  • In the popup window that appears, enter in the text field and click Connect.

Location of log in information and Done button

  • This will bring you to a log in screen. Type in your Saint Rose credentials and click Done.

Congratulations! You’ve set up Fuse on your mobile device and are ready to record! The app will remember your settings unless you tell it to forget or uninstall it from your device, so you should only need to do this once. When you’re ready, click on the camera icon at the bottom of the page to return to the recording options.

Recording Media for Relay

Camcorder icon leads to recording vide

  • First, determine which camera on your device you want to use. By default, it chooses the forward-facing camera (the one that faces out into the room). If you would prefer to record yourself speaking, you can click the camera switch icon in the upper right corner to turn it around.
  • When you’re ready to start recording your video, open the app and choose the video camera icon at the bottom of the screen. The video will immediately start recording, so be prepared!

Location of check icon to stop recording

  • When you’re done recording, click the check mark icon labeled Done. If you need to pause or restart, there are also Cancel and Pause icons.

Thumbnail location to send to the server

  • When you click Done, the app will generate a tiny thumbnail that will appear on the lower right side. Click on it to continue to submit the video to Relay.

Video preview page and location of the share button

  • On the next screen, you can preview the video by pressing the Play icon in the center, or click Submit in the upper right corner to send it to Relay.

The Relay option for sharing in the Share menu

  • The Share option for your device will appear. On an iPhone or iPad, you may need to scroll to the right to find the Relay option. Click on the Relay icon to proceed.

Location of Profile selection link

  • This screen should look familiar to those of you who have used the Relay interface on your computer before. Here, you can choose the type of profile you want to upload your video as. Tap on Name of Profile in the lower right corner to choose.

Options for profiles to select with Quick video selected

  • When choosing your profile, Default Faculty Profile or Quick Video are usually the primary choices. Pick your profile and it will return you to the previous screen.

Title and description boxes and location of the Send option

  • Finally, provide a title and description of your video so that you can remember what it is at a later time. When you’ve completed these fields, you’re ready to send it off to the server! Tap Send and your video will upload to our Relay server.

Once your video is processed, you’ll receive an email with the link that you can provide to your students.