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E-Learning Pre-Approval Process for Instructors

Course instructors planning to teach an online or hybrid course will need to submit an E-Learning Pre-Approval form, and that form must be approved by all reviewers before the course schedule will indicate that the course is online or hybrid. We want students to have a fair shake at building their schedules, so forms should be submitted and approved prior to… Read more →

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Copy Content Between Courses in Blackboard

Using Course Copy  Course Copy is a tool that allows you to copy full content sections from one course into another course. To run a Course Copy, navigate to the course that contains the materials you would like to copy. From there, look to your Control Panel, click on Packages and Utilities, and then select Course Copy from the options provided. On the next… Read more →

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Wrapping Up the Semester on Blackboard

As another semester comes to a close, let’s take a minute to wrap up our Blackboard courses. Here is just a brief list of actions you can take to clean up after another busy semester and maintain your courses and their data. Make Your Course Unavailable to Students Why? If an instructor has assignment files, uploaded copyright materials, or other information… Read more →