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How Students View Feedback in Chalk & Wire

Viewing feedback in Chalk & Wire requires a few extra steps by the students. This step-by-step process should guide them through seeing both their rubric scores and the comments made by the instructor. To begin, students should click on the link for their assignment from within the Blackboard course. The Assignment page will appear much like it did when the student… Read more →

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Chalk & Wire ‘Support Central’

What is Chalk & Wire? Chalk & Wire is an electronic portfolio and learning assessment platform that allows the College to evaluate its own effectiveness at delivering the quality, consistency, and rigor that we are proud of. Individual students can see how the quality of their coursework stacks up against the big-picture standards that guide the College’s academic programs. Academic departments can use… Read more →

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Chalk & Wire FAQs: Students using Direct Login

This article is intended to assist users accessing Chalk & Wire through ‘direct login’ – http://eportfolio.strose.edu.     GETTING STARTED: The general process for using Chalk & Wire consists of four easy steps: Obtain an account (setup for you) Create a portfolio (according to your instructor’s directions) Upload attachments / add content (work samples, papers, etc.) Submit it to the appropriate assessor… Read more →