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Copy Content Between Courses in Blackboard

Using Course Copy  Course Copy is a tool that allows you to copy full content sections from one course into another course. To run a Course Copy, navigate to the course that contains the materials you would like to copy. From there, look to your Control Panel, click on Packages and Utilities, and then select Course Copy from the options provided. On the next… Read more →

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Bb Video Everywhere

The “Talking Head” Makes a Comeback! Video of a stationary person speaking – news anchor style – has been looked down upon by some educators and technologists for a number of years. It is often seen as pointless to record yourself looking into a camera talking, when you can save bandwidth, buffering, and beauty supplies by recording audio only or just… Read more →

Content Delivery in Blackboard

Creating and delivering content in Blackboard is fairly straightforward, but since there are so many tools to create content, an overview can’t hurt! Before we get to the technical “how-to”s, here are a few quick tips for your online content: When creating content for your course, try to use more than one format. Different formats are much more accessible to… Read more →