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Security Features in Zoom

The following features add security to your Zoom meetings. Require Meeting Passwords Back to TopUnder Meeting Options, select Require meeting password, then create a strong password. The Waiting Room Feature Back to Top The Waiting Room feature allows the host to admit attendees one by one or as a group. Disable Join Before Host Back to Top Enable join before host is found under Meeting Options when scheduling… Read more →

Quickstart Guide to Zoom Online Conferencing

Getting Started on Zoom  How to Sign Up for the First Time   Start by going to zoom.us On the top right corner, click on the blue “Sign Up, It’s Free” button. Enter your school email address and click “Sign Up”. You’ll receive an email from Zoom to Go to your email and click Activate Account. You’ll be redirected to… Read more →

Round-Up: There’s an App for That

Today’s students seek ubiquity in their learning environment. That is, they desire flexibility and easy access regardless of time or location. At Saint Rose, we know that our students utilize mobile access to our learning tools. As educators, it is important we consider the changing behaviors and learning styles of our students in order to adapt our techniques to better meet their… Read more →

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Join a Zoom Meeting (As a Participant)

To join a Zoom meeting or enter as a class participant, follow these steps: If your instructor (or the meeting host) provided a link (or URL), click the link or paste it into your web browser. Or, if they provided only a Meeting ID then go to https://zoom.us/join and enter the Meeting ID there. If you have not previously installed the Zoom… Read more →