Security Features in Zoom

The following features add security to your Zoom meetings.

Require Meeting Passwords

Under Meeting Options, select Require meeting password, then create a strong password.

The Waiting Room Feature

The Waiting Room feature allows the host to admit attendees one by one or as a group.

Disable Join Before Host

Enable join before host is found under Meeting Options when scheduling a meeting. This can be turned off. Visit Zoom’s Join Before Host help page for more information.

Limit Screen Sharing to the Host

During a meeting,

  1. Select the up-arrow next to Share Screen.
  2. Select Advanced Sharing Options.
  3. Under Who can share, click Only Host.

Remove a Participant from a Zoom Meeting

If you are already in a meeting and have an uninvited guest:

  1. Select Manage Participants at the bottom of the Zoom window.
  2. Next to the person you want to remove, click More.
  3. From the list that appears, click Remove.

Lock Session

The host can lock the meeting using the Zoom Host Controls. After all your participants have joined,

  1. Select Manage Participants at the bottom of the Zoom window.
  2. At the bottom of the Participants panel, click More.
  3. Select Lock Meeting.

Zoom’s webpage Best Practices For Securing Your Virtual Classroom has more information.

You can learn more about Zoom at in Meetings and Webinars.